Bjorn Arneson

This summer I’ve been trying to get my golf game back in shape. Most of last year was a complete bust due to the herniated lumbar disc (March 2009) that bothered me until late summer–about the time when my golf fever has broken.

Thus far, I am relatively happy with my play. My handicap index isn’t quite as low as I’d like. I currently play off 5–would like to be closer to 2. In reality, I may not play enough to ever get that low again. I probably drop 2-3 shots a round that one can only pull off when playing 54-72 holes per week.

In any case, I’ve been following a more thoughtful practice routine, working methodically on various aspects of my game. Last week, I finished Bob Rotella’s book Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, which has given me a new outlook on the game. I also read his Putting Out of Your Mind–another good book for the pathological perfectionist.

These are the ideas that I’m trying to execute in my full swing nowadays: