Bjorn Arneson

I’m playing a round of golf tomorrow morning (early!!) for the first time since a very brief lesson about 10 days ago. I’m going to return to a putter that treated me very well during my high school and college years: The Fat Lady Swings (of Nick Price fame). We’ll see if it still has the old-timey magic. What I remember about the club is the confidence with which I stroked short putts. Seemed like the clubface was always square to the target line when I addressed the ball. We’ll see.

Re: the full swing, I’m going to try to shallow out my downswing with a little rearward lean at address so that I can keep my head in a powerful position at impact—a little further back than I’ve been playing it. I’m playing with my buddy Tom, a good player and excellent playing partner. Meadowbrook, here we come (in t-minus 7:45).

Update: 79. Hit too many weak shots, though my driving was generally pretty good and the new (old) putter made a few.