Bjorn Arneson

This unseasonable mid-winter weather has me thinking about springtime golf. Once a week or so I have been visiting my local golf shop to take a few swings with demo clubs. Between these mini-warmup sessions and some wintertime study of the swings of my favorite professionals, I’m going to start the year with these swing thoughts:

  1. Left shoulder goes down and away from the target on the first part of the swing.
  2. Right hip goes up and back on the first part of the swing.
  3. Knees drive toward the target on the second part of the swing.

My buddy Adam has been a big influence in convincing me of the power of good footwork. I have to say that I think I might have finally keyed in on some simple foot/leg “feels” that will help get the club set on a good plane up and down. I’m going to try to incorporate these feels into some deliberate practice sessions once the driving ranges open. Additionally, I think that my tall (2-meter) frame would benefit from less sway and more centered pivot. Swing thoughts #1 and #2 above will help with that.

Watch out world! I’m gunning to cut my index in half by the end of 2012.