Bjorn Arneson

I played in a golf tournament this last weekend in Sioux Falls. Though I hit the ball relatively well, I carded one of my worst 9-hole scores in a long time: 46 on the front. Ouch.

How did that happen? I had three too many sevens on the scorecard courtesy of a stupid course management mistake and picking the wrong club out of my bag a couple times. Willow Run can be a little tight behind the greens and I airmailed a few 8-irons that should have been 9-irons over the green and into the weeds.

On the inward nine, I scored a pretty solid, boring 38.

For all the good shots I hit, I can’t for the life of me figure out how I managed to use 84 strokes.

I think I might be spending too much time at the range and not enough on the course.